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Culinary Tour of Israel

January 14 – 21, 2018

$5,890 land expenses only, does not include airfare.

Israeli cuisine is as hot as the Negev in July. Join chef Michael Leviton and food writer Louisa Kasdon for an incredible opportunity to eat, drink, and enjoy the Israeli food scene. The deliciously immersive itinerary showcases the diverse influences that makes Israel the ultimate culinary melting pot. From wineries to cheese makers, professional chefs to agricultural techies, we’ll be meeting with the thought and taste leaders of Israeli food. Highlights include brunch by Israeli food star Gil Hovav, dinner with Uri Buri’s renowned chef Uri Jeremias, indulging in a Bedouin goat roast, discussions with food writer and speaker extraordinaire Janna Gur, private museum tours and so much more.

Salivating? Contact Jen Marmer, CJP Missions Officer for additional information and application at Jenm@cjp.org or by calling 617.457.8666.

Tip: Want a great view of Israel? Check out Gil Hovav’s book Candies From Heaven, just translated to English.


Eat, Drink, & Be Merry

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January 14th




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