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Friday Night Lights #3: La Musica Por La Paz (Music for Peace)

JArts_Casal-SheinConsidered one of the greatest cellists in history, Spaniard Pablo Casals (1876-1973) was a lifelong peace and human rights advocate. When the Fascist general Francisco Franco came to power in Spain, Casals went into exile and vowed that he would not play music during Franco’s rule. Living in France and then Puerto Rico, Casals deveolped a close relationships with Jewish communities and Israel, who ultimately helped convince him to play again–for peace.


pedro-reina Visiting Harvard scholar and award-winning historian Pedro Reina Perez will share his deep interest in and knowledge of Casal’s relationship to the Jewish community. Adding to the evening, Israeli-Mexican cellist Michal Shein of Boston’s Discovery Ensemble will perform Casals’ music and participate in the conversation.

The meal is prepared in a kosher synagogue kitchen, using all kosher ingredients, but without authorized supervision.


Spanish rice, white fish with olives and cilantro, roasted corn and cherry tomato salad, purple spicy slaw, black bean empanadas


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November 18th, 2016
6:30 pm




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