Hanukkah 2017: Meet our Partners, Part 2

With just a week to go before our MFA Hanukkah Celebration, we asked some of our event partners to share some thoughts and stories about their relationship with the holiday. Here’s what they had to say:


What’s the best Hanukkah present you ever gave or received?

In the midst of our second-annual Hanukkah celebration at the MFA, friends from JArts and CJP found me in the galleries—running from a virtual reality installation to a Yiddish musical performance—and gave me my first Hanukkah gift, a necklace with my name in Hebrew. Although I’m not Jewish, I wear the necklace each holiday season—a physical reminder of the beauty, miracle, and spirit of Hanukkah and all those who celebrate.

  • Jen Leclerc


One of the nights of Hanukkah, when I was 6 or 7, my parents gave me  two record albums, the cast recording of Fiddler On The Roof, and a  spoken word with accompaniment version of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs And  Ham. Now you would think that the first one sealed my destiny, but  really it was the Green Eggs And Ham, read over a super cool walking bass  line and sizzling brushes on drums accompaniment, that opened my  ears and made me curious about different kinds of music. It’s funny  that I have yet to find another person who has heard of that record.

  • Ilene Stahl


Last year my 3-year old daughter came home from “Tiny Talmidim” with the most creative hand-made menorah  I have ever seen. And it’s actually functional!

  • Sara Aroeste, Author of Ora De Despertar


The best present I gave (and benefitted from) was a Tree Tapping Kit for my husband (and family) that allows us to tap our neighborhood maple trees and make our own maple syrup each year.

  • Tova Speter, The MEM Project


I always hated getting socks for Hanukkah, but now I love that much of my sock collection was at one point a Hanukkah gift and I really don’t ever have to buy my own socks.  And this is the best because that’s what happens when you become an adult, socks are exciting.

  • Rabbi Jillian Cameron


I recently received a copy of the new biography of blues legend Rev. Gary Davis, Say No To the Devil. I’m excited to read it. I have also on occasion received homemade bread as a present–that is always a delight.

  • Jeremiah Lockwood


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Be sure to join us at the Museum of Fine Arts for Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights on Wednesday, December 13th. Free museum admission begins at 4pm, festivities begin at 4:30pm. Museum members skip the line.