National Bagel Day

Happy national bagel day! We scoured the internet for a list to share that truly represent the best of Boston… but since we weren’t totally sold, we did some polling. Our favorite Jewish Boston foodies have spoken, and here are the top 5 bagels in Boston.


Rosenfelds, Newton Centre

Real deal NY style bagels. Chewy on the outside, softer but not too soft on the inside. As their website tells you, these are “bagels made the old fashioned way for more than 40 years.”


Bagelsaurus, Porter Sq

These bagels started as a monthly pop up at Cutty’s, and were so popular they now have their own store in Porter Sq. A more textured outside than most of the comparatives, but have the proper chew and texture.


Kupels, Coolidge Corner

The Brookline classic, you can’t argue with these little circles of love.


Katz Bagel Bakery, Chelsea

Family owned and operated since 1938, Katz’s has been boiling a mean bagel in Chelsea for a lot of years.


Exodus Bagels, order at the Roslindale Farmers Market

Newer on the scene, and getting good acclaim. Their site has some photos of the bagel making process that are worth a click.