Beyond Bubbies Kitchen

Beyond Bubbies Kitchen is Boston’s biggest, best, and most delicious celebration of Jewish food. Sample tasty new takes on Jewish cuisine from around the world, created by our favorite local chefs. Attending BBK is sure to make any bubbie proud!


Annabel Rabiyah

Annabel is the head chef and co-founder of The Awafi Kitchen, where Arab and Jewish cuisine are one in the same. Annabel describes herself as a cousin of the Iraqi Jewish diaspora, sharing recipes and making meals as a tribute to her heritage.

Noah Clickstein
Noah Clickstein grew up in Winchester, in a self described “highly cultural and semi-religious Jewish home.” Noah is a founding member of Peregrine, the second restaurant of Juliet + Company, served as the sous chef at Juliet, and his lamb stew at the 11th annual Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen was ranked a fan favorite!
Avi Shemtov
You probably know Avi Shemtov from the popular Chubby Chickpea food truck; Simcha, his modern Israeli restaurant in Sharon that has been receiving great acclaim; Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen, which he champions every year. Avi is a leader in the modernization of Israeli food in the US.



Make Bubbie Proud.

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