A High Holiday-Themed Commission for the Days of Awe



Recognizing that Jewish communities around the country and world are hungry for engaging and innovative content for the upcoming High Holiday season, JArts has teamed up with NY-based Jewish artist support organization Asylum Arts to co-commission four artists to create the Inspired 5781 series of high holiday themed digital works.

Their charge? To make something virtually accessible that excites, inspire, and steeps us all in the essence of the Days of Awe.

Here’s a snapshot of the artists. Experience their creations here!

Efrat Hakimi and Shabtai Pinchevsky
The virtual Tashlikh will be a public website where visitors will be encouraged to reflect on the things they wish to cast off for the new year, both personally and socially. The website will determine the visitor’s geographic location and the corresponding body of water in their vicinity, and visitors can browse through other visitor’s cast-off contributions in the same body of water or visit other bodies of water around the world.

Chari Peri

An accomplished illustrator and an Orthodox mom, Chari is creating High Holiday coloring sheets that will become part of a full Jewish calendar coloring book. Every family will want this!

Shay Arik
An incredible Israeli installation artist who will create a photography-based e-cards that reference the 7 species.

Dvir Cohen Eraki
The vast and rich traditions of liturgy and sacred music from the Mizrachi and Sefardi traditions are lesser known in the American Jewish landscape. Cohen-Eraki performs and adapts Yemenite, Iraqi, and other traditions.


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