JLive with Deborah Leipziger

JLive is our series of virtual cultural experiences. Meet some of the best Boston area talent, telling their Jewish story through art.

Deborah Leipziger is an award-winning poet, author, and advisor on sustainability. Through her books, lectures, consulting, and teaching, Deborah has given voice to the concept that companies have a responsibility to the communities in which they operate, and that global organizations can create social value alongside financial value. She has advised companies and organizations around the world on social and environmental issues. Deborah has been a force for change in fields as diverse as food, fashion and energy. Her client list, past and present, includes Primark, The Boston Beer Company, Heineken, Ajinomoto, and Shell. Deborah has also advised corporations and nonprofits in many countries, including India, Nigeria, Brazil, Peru, the Netherlands, and the US. She is currently a Senior Fellow in Social Innovation at the Lewis Institute at Babson College.

Watch Deborah on JLive from Friday, April 1, 2022



JLive is our series of virtual cultural experiences that bring us together to explore and celebrate the diverse world of Jewish art, culture, and creative expression.

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