JLive with Emily Bhargava & Tova Speter

JLive is our series of virtual cultural experiences. Meet some of the best Boston area talent, telling their Jewish story through art.

Artists Emily Bhargava and Tova Speter returned to  JLive  to share their latest project, Brighter Revealed, which was a part of the  JArts  Hanukkah 2021 celebration. Brighter Revealed shared the light of Hanukkah with the Boston community in an illuminated mobile art display, incorporating artwork created by students and community partners throughout the Greater Boston area.

Watch Tova’s and Emily’s JLive from December 3, 2021


Featured Artists

Emily Bhargava

Emily is an artist and community organizer who has been teaching and leading community art projects for more than 20 years. She often works on the border between art and health, using art to share information, to increase community and collaboration, and to increase engagement in building healthy communities.

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Tova Speter

Tova Speter is a local artist, art therapist, art educator, and arts consultant based in Needham. All of her work is based on her belief that engaging in art-making is inherently therapeutic and formative. Tova has worked in the intersection of arts and the Jewish experience for the past 20 years, facilitating meaningful Jewish art experiences and working as a consultant helping organizations infuse more arts-based experiences into their programming.

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JLive is our series of virtual cultural experiences that bring us together to explore and celebrate the diverse world of Jewish art, culture, and creative expression.

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