Studio Israel With Neta Elkayam

The Studio Israel conversation series invites audiences to join leading artists, academics, and community leaders for a panoramic journey through the landscape of Israeli art, dance, food, fashion, and more. It investigates the diversity and nuance of Israel’s variegated social, cultural, and political aspects through the lens of the arts.

Join Yuval Evri, Assistant Professor of Near Eastern & Judaic Studies and Marash & Ocuin Chair in Ottoman, Mizrahi & Sephardic Jewish Studies at Brandeis University in conversation with  Neta Elkayam, an Israeli  singer and visual artist whose work plumbs the culture of the Moroccan Jews from which she descended. 

Elkayam and her musical partner and husband Amit Hai Cohen were recently the subjects of the documentary film, In Your Eyes, I See My Country, which follows them back to Morocco. 

About the Artist

Neta Elkayam  has gained worldwide recognition as a performer of North African music. She collaborates with renowned local and international musicians and orchestras on stages around the world. She has received multiple awards including the ACUM Award, the Sami Michael Award, and was nominated for an Ophir Oscar Award for a leading role in the 2019’s musical film Red Fields (Mami). Learn more about her in the  New  York Times  profile,  Bridging Time, Distance and Distrust, With Music.

Watch Studio Israel with Neta Elkayam: