We All Bleed Red

Watch a roundtable discussion about menstrual justice.

We All Bleed Red, an event hosted by JArts & the Beacon Gallery, will feature best-selling author Anita Diamant, Mass NOW Director Sasha GoodFriend, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Love your Menses and Menstrual Equity Leader Bria Gadsden, “We All Bleed Red” creator Caron Tabb, as well as moderator Meclina.

“Standing in for human bodies of every color, shape, size, and form are hand-knotted vessels made of textiles, yarns, and paper. They represent the wonderful diversity of skin tones found throughout the world, with colors interlocking and bound organically together by mere tension. This outer layer, if peeled away, would reveal that inside we are all linked by a similar connective tissue.”

– Caron Tabb on her work, “BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN, OR INDIGENOUS. JEW OR ARAB; WE ALL BLEED THE SAME RED” (pictured left)

Artist Statement from Caron Tabb

“The election of Donald Trump; the racial murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmed Arbery; and the endemic issues surfaced by the COVID-19 outbreak caused a profound reckoning for many, including myself and have deeply impacted my artwork. Over the last four years, I found myself spending significant time engaging in difficult conversations where I questioned my role, responsibilities, and culpability as a white, Jewish woman. The question that occupied me most was how I might use my privilege to bend the arc of justice. What is required of me at this point in time?

The show, Humanity Is Not a Spectator Sport, attempts to offer a deeply personal, visual response to this reckoning in a way that intends to offer both a personal portrait and a call to action to the community. The conceptual mixed media work draws heavily from core Jewish tenets and my deep Jewish identity, and interchanges between the personal and the universal. This show is my response to the concept that one must use privilege to effect change. It addresses systemic racism, inequality, and our shared humanity. It is a call to opt in.

I hope exhibition viewers will be challenged by what they see and inspired to engage in difficult conversations as a result of engaging with these works. It is only through stepping back and considering our role and participation (or lack thereof) in society that we can ultimately choose to be active upstanders.”


About The Artist

Caron Tabb

Caron Tabb was born in apartheid South Africa, raised on a farm in Israel from the age of eight, and has lived in the US for the last twenty years. These key biographical elements and her passion for social justice issues deeply impact her artistic practice. In addition to traditional painting and photography, Caron incorporates many found objects and unconventional materials into her work. Her conceptual mixed-media and instillation art address issues of social inequality, racial justice, and feminism as seen through the lens of her deep Jewish identity. 

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