Bette Ann Libby

About Bette Ann

After 35 years as a potter, Bette Ann Libby began making ceramic shard mosaics by incorporating ceramic shards, found objects and hand blown glass, textures, patterns, and images. The founder of Studios Without Walls, Bette Ann Libby works with communities to bring people together, creating permanent murals as a form of Tikkun Olam (“repairing the world”). These groups are a “mosaic” of ages and cultures. She has hosted an array of public community mosaic projects at Synagogues in Vermont and Massachusetts. Many of her pieces are inspired by stories from the Bible, and have been featured nationally in juried and invitational Judaica-themed exhibitions of clay and art.

Click here to discover Bette Ann’s community mosaics.

How You Can Work Together

I enjoy mentoring artists and developing murals and site specific sculpture in a variety of mediums and sites bringing together community members of all ages and walks of life.

Bette Ann Libby
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