Emily Bhargava

Holiday JLive Visual Art


About Emily

Emily is an artist and community organizer who has been teaching and leading community art projects for more than 20 years.  She often works on the border between art and health, using art to share information, increase community and collaboration, and encourage engagement in building healthy communities.

How You Can Work Together

“Mosaic is a fantastic medium for collaborative community art. Each person can add their piece, literally and figuratively.  Reach out to me if you and your group would like to create a mosaic mural, a piece for the wall or a  window.  My projects are most impactful when they’re designed and created together, and I love to help groups think about what they’d like to create and what they want their art to say.   I enjoy working with groups of all ages, and am fluent in Spanish as well as English.”

Make Bubbie Proud.

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