Meet Community Creative Fellow Ira Klein

Community Creative Fellow Ira Klein

Ira’s Research

Enjoy an interview with Ira Klein led by JArts Executive Director, Laura Mandel.

Ira’s Inspiration

Ira’s inspiration comes from the incredible variation in global Jewish music, and how communities across time and culture have navigated the tension between assimilation and preservation.

“My research focuses on reveling how Jews have used the artistic styles of the dominant cultures around them to preserve and express their own unique culture. To dive into this cultural pattern and share it with audiences, I am looking closely at prayers and manuscripts from throughout space and time, and which have been processed through the lens of a diverse range of cultures.”

Ira’s Capstone Project

For his capstone project, Ira plans to organize a one-day festival that will share the variation in global Jewish music through performance, a film screening, and a food-making competition.

“I am excited to expand the notion of what Jewish art might mean for me and for my audiences through this festival.”

Follow Ira’s Journey

Ira is documenting his Community Creative Fellowship year through a series of blogposts published to JewishBoston. Read more about his journey here:

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