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About Rotem

Originally from Israel, Rotem moved to Cambridge, MA this past year. Her art is for audiences of all ages and exists between the spaces of visual theater, performance, storytelling, and clowning. She believes in using theater as a tool in both social activism and therapy.  Rotem has taught and lectured in universities, schools, and community events across the globe. She is  an actor  and partner in the  Holot  Theater, a social theater group for Israelis and asylum seekers. As a medical clown, she has worked in children’s departments, rehabilitative geriatric  hospitals,  and mental health hospitals. Most recently, Rotem served as a social clown with  the “Emunah” organization for at-risk youth.  

How You Can Work Together

Rotem is a 2021-2022 Community Creative Fellow. She will be sharing her craft and process with the community, and creating a capstone project inspired by the experience.

“I lecture and lead many practical workshops on puppet and object theater. I use puppet theater with children as a therapeutic tool, as well as medical clowning, storytelling, physical theater, and social and political theory. My workshops are adapted to a given age group and population, which are diverse. As a medical clown, I accompany children and their families to treatments and procedures, including surgeries, radiation, blood tests and more. I am an active member of the ‘Wish Ambulance’ project, a vehicle that picks up children from quarantine and helps them fulfill a wish. With the Train Theater, I perform for children who are ill and bed-ridden, and at preschools for children with special needs. Recently, I created a relaxed performance for children on the spectrum and their families.”

Rotem as Fruma (Medical Clowning)
ZOHAR (2020) – A relaxed performance for young audiences. Premiered at “Safe Place”- a theatre festival of performances for neuro-divergent young audiences. Creators and performers: Sharon Gavrielov, Avi Cohen, Rotem Goldenberg

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