Sarah Aroeste

About Sarah

Sarah Aroeste, a Ladino singer/songwriter, author and cultural activist, draws upon her Sephardic roots from Macedonia and Greece (via Medieval Spain) to bring Judeo-Spanish culture to new generations. Aroeste has performed and taught around the globe, recorded six albums in Ladino, and published two children’s books highlighting contemporary Sephardic culture.

How You Can Work Together

“I have worked with all age groups, from the littlest tots through high-schoolers, college students and beyond. I enjoy working with communities that have little familiarity with Sephardic culture and exposing them to the diversity of Jewish life through ‘edutaining’, interactive, multi-media programs. I enjoy working with a variety of communities. I have loved worked with assisted living communities, presenting at school workshops, and performing benefit recitals for food pantries, women’s shelters, and after school programs.”

JLive with Sarah Aroeste

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