Thinking of Spring When It’s 8° Outside

There’s something weird and wonderful in the idea that I am writing about the great things coming this spring while wishing I could wear gloves while I type. Today, with the temperature in single digits, lets find some warmth in all the cool things JArts is bringing this spring. You can find complete details at, but allow me, as your friendly local cultural curator, to share why we chose every event that we did.


Babka Making, Feb. 22

Because the world needs more fresh babkas.


Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen, March 11

How can you invite 400 people someplace and not serve them some nice nosh?


Bint el Funk, March 14

Two reasons:

1.      How often do we get to present the American debut of what could be the next cool band from Israel to make it in the US?

2.      Dancing is a great way to burn off all the calories from Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen.


Pathways to Freedom, March 18 – May 6

Four reasons (inspired by the 4 questions)

1.      Celebrating our Exodus is the perfect opportunity to recognize the journeys that are still taking place today.

2.      The Seder reminds us of our obligation to treat the strangers among us well because, after all, we were once strangers in a foreign land.

3.      What could be more “Pesadich”  (Passover appropriate) than trying to find creative ways to get people from all across the area to share what freedom means to them.

4.      It’s time the Boston Jewish community created public art that reflects and shares our universal values.


Yael Deckelbaum and Prayer of the Mothers, April 19 

Because its amazing when a major Israeli singer is inspired to create a multi-cultural women’s ensemble inspired by Women Wage Peace. No wonder she is being called the Joan Baez of Israel.


Andy Statman, May 3

Because the only thing better than watching Andy at Symphony Hall with Itzhak Perlman is seeing him in a room as cozy and intimate as TCAN.


Baking with The Brass Sisters, May 4

Baking with my bubbie is one of my most cherished memories and these ladies are even (more fun than she was.


Michael Twitty, June 12 & 13

If food is one of the most powerful ways to share identity, imagine what it means to a large, black, gay, Jewish culinary historian.


Happenings, food, music, art and ideas… they are are all part of the JArts Spring Season. I hope you’re a part of it too. And don’t worry, I promise, by then, you won’t need to wear your thermal underwear when you go out.


See you soon,



Joey Baron

Artistic Director

Jewish Arts Collaborative