Pathways to Freedom was a JArts public art project by internationally-acclaimed social sculptor Julia Vogl that was installed on the Boston Common.  Inspired by the universal themes of the Passover Exodus story, the project engaged a broad multi-cultural audience from across the city in a community-wide dialogue around freedom and immigration.

Julia’s artwork reflected the hundreds of conversations she had in the Greater Boston area, asking people from all backgrounds about their journeys to freedom.  Drawing inspiration from these stories, and the symbolism within a Passover seder, Vogl created a larger than life visual representation on the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Boston Common. The installation was on display from April 25th – May 14th of 2018, and during Boston Art Week (beginning April 27).


Although the installation is no longer on the Boston Common, you can still listen to the audio component of the project – 44 different immigration stories.

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Teasers: here are four 30 second tastes of what you will hear.


What do all the patterns mean?


1,800 people participated in this project at 27 Encounters across the Greater Boston Area.

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About Artist Julia Vogl

London-based artist Julia Vogl’s social sculptures incorporate public engagement, architectural interventions and color. She creates experiences and memories for the viewer, prompting discourse while creating aesthetically rich works. Inspired by the community where the work is sited, Vogl creates works that reveal underlying cultural values, reflecting individual and collective input. Watch her Ted X talk to learn more about her work.

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