Tzedek Box

Partners with the Be the Change public art movement
in the work of repairing the world.

A Tzedek Box prompts us to pause and reflect.

Tzedek Box vision is a world of dignity and wholeness for all by making space for reflection around acts of justice.

We believe that the regularized ritual of owning and then using a Tzedek Box helps hold us accountable to our commitment to tzedek, and that reflection helps to fuel a more thoughtful consideration of the actions we are taking.  By writing down our actions and reflections in journal entries, we become more mindful about our own acts of seeking to improve the world – and associate those actions with our positive Jewish identity.

Whether one puts a little or a lot in one’s Tzedek Box, the act of opening the box will be a source of discovery and motivation, as we seek to align our actions with our values.

Learn more by visiting Tzedek Box’s webpage.

Partnership with Be the Change

The tzedakah box (based on the root word  tzedek,  Hebrew for justice) is a small box in which Jews traditionally collect loose change on Shabbat and other occasions to be donated to the needy. Beyond just giving money, the goal of  Be the Change  is to help us all become artivists – activists through the art.

Tzedek Box  is the online partner in the Be the Change movement to help us all make space to reflect on the work of the project.

Download the Tzedek Box app now and begin taking inventory of your own acts of justice.

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Season sponsors

With deepest thanks to our lead sponsors who make this work possible. Julie and Ronald M. Druker, The Klarman Family Foundation, the Krupp Family Foundation, Myra Musicant and Howard Cohen, and Millicent C. Starr Charitable Trust.